Are you ready to accomplish something important? Are you ready to help others do the same? Either way, coaching is the key to making it happen.

Workshops & Presentations

Do you want your managers and other employees to become even more effective as coaches?  Do you and your people want to see their careers in a new and empowering light?  As a leader are you feeling isolated?  Depleted?  In need of renewal and community?  See how my offerings below can help.

Coaching for Leadership and Professional Development
Coaching is an accepted trend in today’s effective organizations. Leaders, sales people and others at all levels of organizations are now using coaching to achieve results in less time and with greater commitment from employees and clients. But what is coaching? How does it work? How is it different from traditional management and sales techniques? This highly experiential course will answer these questions and introduce you to simple and effective coaching methods you can use immediately. You will receive easy to use reference materials including Dan Kennedy’s coaching manual. (Time: One to two sessions of 2-3 hours each.)

The Engaged Employee
Gallup has found companies where most employees are engaged are rated:

  • 10% higher by customers
  • 17% more productive
  • 21% more profitable

The key to engaging people at work is to help them recognize their own values and strengths, and then to make sure their managers are encouraging them to tap those powerful personal assets as much as possible. This workshop helps employees and their managers to identify their values and strengths, plus determine how each individual will bring them to their work. (Time: 2-3 hours.) The following workshop is then suggested for managers.

Coaching for Engagement
When employees know what they need to be successful and engaged at work–and it’s different for each person–it’s time to use coaching to apply those insights and to make them come alive in the workplace. This interactive course will give you the simple tools you need to have powerfully supportive conversations with your people so that they can regularly tap their strengths and values to create significant results. The course includes a copy of Dan Kennedy’s coaching manual for easy reference. (Time: One to two sessions of 3 hours each.)

Seasons of Change: What’s Next for Your Career?

“Live each season as it passes; breath the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit and give yourself to the influences of each.” –Thoreau

  • You’re in love with your job.
  • Your career is lackluster and without energy.
  • Your work is depressing and you don’t know what to do.
  • You’re excited by the possibility of what’s next for you and your career.

Can you relate to any of these statements? If so, come to this engaging presentation to discover a new and powerful paradigm for taking greater control of your life at work. By using the Four Seasons, we will discover the tasks, challenges, gifts, lessons and strategies that await each of us at critical points in our careers. A highly regarded and effective workshop, full of hope plus good and practical ideas. The facilitator is a practicing executive and career coach who has taught at the University of Washington in Seattle. (Time: 1-2 hours.)

Next Step Coaching Circles for Leaders
If you are a leader today, chances are that you and your peers are facing some very real challenges, including:

  • The need for more experience in key leadership and management skills
  • Feelings of isolation and the need for self-care
  • Growing demands on your time and creativity

Now, a new kind of support is available to help you grow both personally and professionally. It’s called the Next Step Coaching Circles for Leaders.

In your Coaching Circle you will be part of a supportive learning community of leaders from various organizations. Your group will meet over two months and be facilitated by certified professional coach, Dan Kennedy. You and the others in your Circle will be coached to create results that matter to you in your professional and personal lives, and along the way you will learn coaching skills that you can take back and use at work. “Next Step” refers to the idea that coaching is about the significant “next step” that you’re willing to take in your own behalf.

As a Coaching Circle member you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Greater fulfillment. Your Next Step Circle will allow its members to receive the benefits of coaching and, as a result, become more engaged in their lives.
  • Professional development and skill-building. Members will discover how to be more effective in their work, plus learn basic coaching skills which they can then use in their organizations.
  • Empathy. Circle members will have a greater appreciation of their peers and their issues, regardless of each person’s denomination.
  • Support. The group will be a “safe harbor,” an encouraging and supportive community. Confidentiality is a part of the program.
  • Your Circle will be self-sustaining. If you like, after the initial two months, you will be able to continue to meet whenever and wherever you and the other members please.

(Time: Customizable.  Suggestion: 1-hour introductory session plus two 3-hour sessions per month for two months.)

"Dan has been a pleasure to work with. He has great enthusiasm for the subject of coaching which has been infectious."
— Ruth Johnston, Ph.D., Associate Treasurer, University of Washington

"You were great! As you can see from the enclosed summary of evaluations, you really spoke to the heart and the interests of our members. I am already thinking about when and how to work with you again."
— Donna Cameron, CAE,Executive Director, Home Care Association of Washington

"I have been proud to run the Continuing Education Business and Professional Development Programs at Bellevue Community College for 19 years. One reason for our ongoing success is the caliber of our instructors, like Dan Kennedy. Dan facilitated a variety of coaching courses for supervisors and managers from around the greater Seattle area for us for five years and he constantly received excellent reviews from our students. Personally, I found Dan to be a pleasure to work with— a real professional in the best sense of the word—and I can easily endorse him and his work."
— Adele Becker, Director, Bellevue College, Continuing Education

"Your presentation was a real hit. I could easily see that everyone in the session was fully engaged and very interested in your approach to coaching (me too, of course!). Thanks for presenting a great session-we're looking forward to offering your upcoming class as a sequel."
— Anne Reid, Course Developer, University of Washington Training & Development

"Dan is a great teacher. I recently attended a coaching workshop he led and was amazed at how much I learned during those three hours. Not only does he know his material, but he knows how to help others learn. Rather than filling us with lots of information, he quickly got us coaching each other, then coached us on our coaching, and by the end we all had more skills than when we arrived. And, it was fun!"
— Diane Darling, Pastor, Alki United Church of Christ, Seattle

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Dan to create a series of professional development opportunities for my organization. Dan developed and facilitated multiple coaching workshops and a coaching club, which were highly engaging. All staff members who participated in the training sessions had positive feedback on the experience."
-- Samara Reich Thomas, WorkSource Training and Curricula Manager at King County, WA