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The Upside of Failure

So, you blew it.  You missed an opportunity, or did something wrong, or said something wrong—and you blew it.  I get that and I also get that it doesn’t feel good.  It rarely does when our reputation is on the line.  And even if no one finds out about our goof, WE still know about it and that can be bad enough.

But here is the point: A mistake is exactly what you make of it, and you can make it good.  Really.  A wise man once said that sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn.  In other words, doing something in a way that doesn’t work can be a fast track to finding out how it IS supposed to be done. Leverage your missteps and see them for the lessons that they are.  If nothing else, your mistake taught you what NOT to do next time, right?  And this also showed you that you aren’t perfect and believe me, when you can accept that about yourself—and others, too, by the way—then you are going to start lightening up, big time.

So, the next time you slip-up try doing these four things: First, just notice your thoughts.  That’s all.  Just hear them rattling around and yelling or whimpering or whatever.  Then, ask yourself how you could react differently and in a way that serves you.  Then, look for the lesson for you in it all.  And finally, just see that the world is still on its axis and life is going on, and celebrate!

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