Are you ready to accomplish something important? Are you ready to help others do the same? Either way, coaching is the key to making it happen.

The Book & Articles

Creating Results That Matter: A Coaching Manual for Anyone was born out of the coaching courses and workshops I’ve run over the years for the public.  I’ve seen managers, front-line employees, consultants and even pastors come to learn how to bring coaching to the work they are doing every day.  Why?  Well, as I point out in the book:

For those who coach, it . . .

  • Saves time for the person coaching by encouraging coachees to take more control and responsibility for what needs to be done.
  • Increases productivity in the workplace and elsewhere by decreasing “have to” activity and increasing “want to” proactivity and performance.
  • Improves relationships.
  • Inspires motivation.

For the person being coached, it . . .

  • Increases performance, learning and effectiveness.
  • Facilitates self-awareness.
  • Increases engagement in work and life.

For YOUR organization, coaching . . .

  • Is an excellent return on investment.
  • Improves attraction rates. More and more, coaching is being seen as something offered to valuable employees.
  • Increases retention rates. Coaching keeps employees involved and focused on productive and satisfying activities.
  • Supports the growth of “high potentials” as well as those challenged in their professional development.
  • Maximizes employee engagement which leads to greater productivity and profitability for the organization, plus higher levels of customer loyalty.
  • Leverages training, career development and outplacement dollars.

I hope you decide to read the book and then apply it in what you do.  Meanwhile, off to the right are some articles I’ve written on career, management and coaching topics.  Enjoy!


"Creating Results That Matter is wonderful and spot-on."
— Maureen Noonan, Organizational Development Specialist, University of Washington