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What Is Coaching?

Coaching comes in many flavors.  There are life coaches, career coaches, executive and business coaches and more.  What’s at their core, of course, is coaching, but what is coaching, anyway?  Essentially, coaching is a partnership that engages people in creating results that matter to them in their personal and professional lives. It’s pretty simple, really, but not easy! The simple part is the fact that coaching rests on just a few concepts and skills. The challenge is in actually learning them, and it’s only a problem if you don’t take the time or allow yourself to grasp them through trial and error. A wise sage once said, “Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn.” Practicing your coaching skills lets you do both.

Learning coaching is easier when you see its benefits. Here are just a few:

-Saves time for the person coaching by encouraging coachees to take more control and responsibility for what needs to be done.
-Increases productivity in the workplace and elsewhere by decreasing “have to” activity and increasing “want to” proactivity and performance.
-Improves relationships.
-Inspires motivation.

-Increases performance, learning and effectiveness.
-Facilitates self-awareness.
-Increases engagement in work and life.

-Is an excellent return on investment since it leverages training, career development and outplacement dollars.
-Improves attraction rates. More and more, coaching is being seen as something offered to valuable employees.
-Increases retention rates. Coaching keeps employees involved and focused on productive and satisfying activities.
-Supports the growth of “high potentials” as well as those challenged in their professional development.
-Maximizes employee engagement which leads to greater productivity and profitability for the organization, plus higher levels of customer loyalty.

Do you see how coaching offers value on several levels and can create results that really matter? To coach is to give time, talent and willingness to support someone else. To be coached is to take a significant step towards getting clear about what is important to you and then to actually do something about it. In coaching, two people learn to trust and be trusted and sometimes to do more than either thought possible. Coaching offers something of value from start to finish—for both of you.