Are you ready to accomplish something important? Are you ready to help others do the same? Either way, coaching is the key to making it happen.

About Dan

In the late 90’s, after a long sales and training career, I was ready for a change and soon discovered the new field of personal coaching.  I was lucky to get into it just as it was taking off as a profession.  I went on to become one of the first coaches in the Northwest to be certified by the International Coach Federation and soon, with other pioneers, co-founded the local ICF chapter, now known as ICF Washington State.

Over the years I have been a speaker and facilitator on issues regarding coaching, leadership, and career development. I’ve conducted over 800 effective presentations, workshops and seminars for various local and national organizations.  I’ve been fortunate to be quoted in publications like the Seattle Times and Inc. magazine.  And, as you’ve seen, I’ve also authored Creating Results That Matter: A Coaching Manual for Anyone.

I’ve also been a regular contributor to NetSpeed Fast Tracks, a website devoted to helping managers and their employees successfully deal with workplace and career challenges. I also produced and hosted a well-regarded radio program on workplace issues that aired for two years in the Seattle area on community station, KSER 90.7 FM.

I have completed the core curriculum at The Coaches Training Institute as well as its Co-Active Leadership program plus I am currently a member of the University of Washington Consulting Alliance and the Puget Sound Career Development Association.

"I originally came to you seeking guidance to help me focus on my goals and gain balance in my life. That is exactly what you helped me do but the most important end result was propelling me to a realization as to what's significant and meaningful in life. Only then have I been able to develop my goals and focus on achieving them."
— Morris Pettit, Founder, An Internet Solutions Provider Company